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Your are welcome to ask us any question regarding our products, quotation, delivery, special inquiries. Nevertheless you can place your question in the form below.

Question: DEAR SIRS;...

Answer: Dear Sir, Reply on your inquiry has been sent to the specified e-mail address.

Question: Dear Sir...

Answer: Dear Sir, Contact details of KUMZ export sales department are sent to your e-mail address.

Question: Dear Sirs/Madam,...

Answer: Dear Sir/Madam, unfortunately, we cannot supply required material to you.

Question: Уважаемые Дамы и Господа...

Answer: Добрый день! Благодарим за запрос. Информация будет направлена Вам по указанному электронному адресу в ближайшее время.

Question: Dear Sir...

Answer: Dear Mr. Gustavo Hanauer, all detailed information regarding your inquiry was sent to the following email address

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