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Your are welcome to ask us any question regarding our products, quotation, delivery, special inquiries. Nevertheless you can place your question in the form below.

Feisal Amin


Dear Sirs/Madam,

We are very well known persons in this ALUMINIUM ALLOYS business and to begin with you we would like to inform you
about the prospects/projects we have in hand and we would like to purchase the following items from you:

1-Al Mg 6 Anil , 60 ton (Under GOST Standard)

1 Slab Al Mg6-O 50*350*350 875 Kg
2 Slab Al Mg6-O 60*530*530 2420 Kg
3 Slab Al Mg6-O 80*530*530 3230 Kg
4 Slab Al Mg6-O 85*530*530 3430 Kg
5 Slab Al Mg6-O 100*530*530 8070 Kg
6 Slab Al Mg6-O 110*530*530 4445 Kg
7 Slab Al Mg6-O 120*530*530 4840 Kg
8 Slab Al Mg6-O 125*530*530 5045 Kg
9 Slab Al Mg6-O 140*530*530 5660 Kg
10 Slab Al Mg6-O 160*530*530 2840 Kg
11 Slab Al Mg6-O 165*530*530 6660 Kg
12 Slab Al Mg6-O 110*1000*2000 15125 Kg

Please issue P/I for requested item and send us as soon as possible.

Thanks and

With Best regards,
Feisal Amin

ERBIL industrial Ltd

Erbil-republic of Iraq


Dear Sir/Madam,

unfortunately, we cannot supply required material to you.

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