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Ultrasonic Inspection

Nondestructive inspection is one of the best ways to test the product meant for critical applications such as vessels under pressure, aerospace and other. For testing of aluminium alloy products ultrasonic inspection is widely used.

Chapter I. USI discontinuity classes definitions
Following USI classes are defined by registered defect sizes:

USI classes
Class Single discontinuity response equal to artificial reflector diameter
AAA 0.015'' (0.4 mm)
AA 0.047'' (1.19 mm)
A 0.078'' (1.98 mm)
B 0.125'' (3.18 mm)
C 0.125'' (3.18 mm)

Chapter II. KUMZ capabilities

KUMZ can carry out USI per ASTM В 594-09, ASTM B 548-03, AMS-STD-2154-1998 with classes up to A on following material:

Material Parameters Inspection method
Plates Thickness 12.5 - 152 mm (0.500'' - 6.000'') Immersion or contact method (ASTM B548 - contact method)
Bars Thickness 12.5 - 200 mm Contact method
Rods Diameter 100 - 500 mm Contact method
Tubes Outer diameter 100 mm and over, wall thickness 12.5 mm and over Contact method