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 You can find whole production chain at KUMZ. Before pure aluminium transformes into heat-treated aluminium alloy plate (bar, rod, tube, profile, forging) and comes to you, it passes through a number of workshops.

KUMZ has the following main facilities:

  • Casting shop 
  • Extruded tube production shop
  • Extrusion shop 
  • Tool shop
  • Forging shop
  • Heat-exchanger production shop
  • Plate project
  • Rolling-mill shop
  •  There is a model which consists of eight facilities at the top of the page. It looks like bird's-eye view of our works in reality. You can browse our workshops by means of this model or with help of the links on the left.
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    Beside named workshops KUMZ includes Research and Development Centre and Warehouse.

     R&D Centre provides the opportunity to control the entire production cycle of semi-finished products from preparing an alloy in the casting furnace to carrying out a variety of tests and analyses, and further research works with new applications and materials. Specialists in casting, rolling, extrusion and forging production continuously develop new products and alloys, control preproduction of new products, take part in development of new and modernization of present technological processes, work out computer simulations of technological processes.

    Warehouse is the end point of aluminium products at KUMZ. Here after quality tests marked packages and pallets with aluminium plates, bars, rods, tubes, forgings have a small rest before shipping or trucking to your site.